Physical Needs Assessments

ABC Motor Assessment Battery

The ABC Motor Assessment Battery Test assesses gross and fine motor skills.  The test will be conducted by two staff at your establishment by our experienced Physical Development department and takes approximately one hour.  A comprehensive report will then be produced which includes an overall motor percentile score.

This standardised  report will be a valuable tool for planning physical interventions and can be used as evidence in annual reviews/EHCP meetings.


Madeleine Portwood Test

This is a screening tool for dyspraxia. Whilst not providing a diagnosis which can only be done by a medical professional this will indicate dyspraxic tendencies. This can help to plan for physical interventions and may support the need for further assessment.

This test can be conducted individually in approximately 30 minutes or with additional provided staff in small groups within your setting.


As these assessments are very individual you would need to contact us to discuss your needs and agree a price.