Cygnet for Practitioners

The Cygnet Practitioner Training Programme has been designed for those who work 

directly with children on the Autistic Spectrum in schools, long or short term 

residential services, children and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) or 

practitioners whose work maybe shorter term e.g. health visitors, social workers and 

administrators.  The programme was developed by Barnardo’s in consultation with 

parents and carers of children and young people on the autistic spectrum.

The programme consists of two parts;


Part 1 provides an understanding of the different characteristics of Autism and how 

these can be displayed in behaviour.  The training looks at the following areas in 

further detail:

  •  Social Interaction
  •  Communication
  •  Rigidity, Imagination and Obsessions
  •  Sensory Issues


Part 2 builds on Part 1 to explore different behaviour management frameworks and 

strategies to use with children on the autistic spectrum.  The training looks at the 

following areas:

  •  Behaviour framework assessment tools
  •  Communication aids
  •  Strategies to reduce sensory anxiety
  •  Key principals for behaviour management


This course has been designed for professionals over 12 hours divided into 6 x 2 hours sessions on a Wednesday mornings 9.30 - 11.30am

Cost £130 per person


At Cambridge Park Conference Room

Trainers:  Mr Thompson & Mr Hunter

Dates for this course: TBC


If you would like to reserve a place on this course please email

Or telephone 01472 230110 option 5.