School Meals

We do provide the option for school meals and the costs and menu are below.

Dinner Money should be paid on a Monday - Primary lunches are £1.85 a day £9.25 a week and Secondary lunches are £2.00 a day £10 a week. Please send dinner money in a sealed envelope showing your child's name and class details. This can be handed to escorts who will give it directly to us to check. We are not responsible for lost dinner money. Dinner money must come into school at least on the day a dinner is required. You can send a cheque to cover several weeks at a time if this is more convenient. We ask for at least one week’s notice when changing from paid meals to pack-up or vice versa.

All our meals are prepared on site using fresh, locally purchased meat and vegetables wherever possible. There is a good healthy choice every day including salad, baked potatoes & fruit, as well as traditional hot meals.

There is no added salt, puddings are low in sugar and fat is kept to a minimum.
The children are only given a fried choice i.e. chips and roast potatoes twice a week.

The children are helped to choose their meals, using picture menus where necessary.  The menus are available on our website and are colour-coded as follows
Red - Main courses: meat, fish
Blue - Carbohydrates: potatoes, bread, rice & pasta
Green - Vegetables: salad & coleslaw
Yellow - Puddings: biscuits, pudding & custard, yoghurt, fruit, cheese & biscuits.

There is always water and milk available to drink.

We try to encourage the children to make a healthy and varied choice. Menus rotate on a two-weekly pattern and are reviewed termly.  Seasonal vegetables are served with a choice of two each day as well as salad. 

A family dining experience is provided, with children sitting with their class in the dining hall and served at the table by the dinner ladies.  Staff also support the children, joining them for lunch, to encourage children to try different foods and engage in conversation.

File icon: pdf Week 1 School Dinner Menu [pdf 198KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Week 2 School Dinner Menu [pdf 194KB] Click to download