Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my child is not able to go to school? 

If your child is absent we need to know why. Please always telephone and let us know straight away. We can authorise absences only in cases of illness, or for attending the doctor's or dentist's or for some important personal or family reason. Children may not stay off school to go shopping or because it is their birthday.

What if my child's late?
The register closes at 9.15am. This means that any child arriving later that this will be marked absent. Please try to make sure you get your child to school on time. If you are bringing your child in late, please give your reason to the receptionist who will then ask a member of staff to take your child to class if necessary. It would not normally be necessary to speak to the teacher who will be very busy.

Can I make appointments to see teachers?
You will be able to speak to teachers at parents evening and at the Annual Review. If you need to see a teacher or the Principal then do telephone to make an appointment. A convenient arrangement will be made. Information about your child can be passed to the teacher through the receptionist or secretary. The office staff will also deal with queries regarding dinner money.

How do I get a note to my child's teacher?
If your child is in the Primary Department (Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2) you will have a book provided by school which you and the teacher can use to pass information to and fro. Teachers will not necessarily write in books every day. The youngest children may require a note home and to school more often than the older ones. Teachers are teaching and they have a class all day and are unable to sit and write to you very often. Most classes are 12 or more pupils and therefore notes to you will be brief and written only when it is necessary. You may wish to write to us about your child and it is OK to do so as often as you wish.

We will telephone you or write if we have any concerns at all about your child. You can 'phone school if you have any worries regarding school issues.

How will we be updated on our child's progress?
You will be able to talk about your child's progress at 'Parents Evenings' and also at the 'Annual Review' meeting.
Again, if you have any worries please 'phone to make an appointment.

How will I know what lesson is on which day? 

You need to know what your child is doing each day. He/she will bring home a timetable which will show you the subjects being covered. Look for which days the pupils need equipment, especially P.E. and swimming. When it is P.E. they will need P.E. kit. Your child will need shorts and top, trainers or plimsolls as well as a towel and a comb. Children have showers at P.E. On swimming days a costume and towel are needed.

If your child is in the Primary age group then they will be covering Literacy and Numeracy in the mornings.

Does Cambridge Park provide school meals?

Yes we do. Information on this is in the school meals section of the website

What if my child requires medication?
If your child needs to take medication at school you will need to collect a form from your escort and fill it in and send to school with the medicine in the original container. Medicines which need to be given 3-times-a-day can be administered at home. Please ask your doctor to prescribe medicines 3 times a day whenever possible. We need to avoid having medicines in school where ever possible. We will not take responsibility for medicine unless we have a completed form and the medicine is in the correct containers.

What if our contact details change?
From time to time we will need to update our records. We will send a form to be completed by you to be returned a.s.a.p. Without fail we must have an emergency number and name, so that in case of emergencies we can contact a member of your family, a friend or neighbour. Please let us know immediately when you change your address or telephone number. If you wish to change your child's surname you will need to send us a copy of the legal documents which show you are entitled to do so.

Does the school have a Discipline Policy?
We have clear guidelines and school rules, a copy comes with the introductory pack. If you have not had one please request one.

What is Positive Handling?
Members of staff may need to hold or restrain pupils who are in danger of either hurting themselves and others, or of damaging property. Teachers may also need to restrain pupils and remove them from an area if they are seriously disrupting a lesson. All members of staff who deal with pupils in this way will have been trained to hold children without hurting either themselves or the child. The restraint of a child who is misbehaving is preceded by a clear warning from the member of staff that the child will be held unless he/she stops what they are doing.

What should my child not bring into school?
We ask that you do not allow children to bring electronic games, personal stereos, chewing gum or toys into school. They often want to swap things without parental permission. There is no tuck shop in school and there is no immediate access to the shops as the main back gates are closed.

What is the school policy on jewellery?

Jewellery can cause injuries if worn at school. We do not allow jewellry. Ear studs are permissible but must be removed for P.E. lessons. This rule applies to most schools as Health and Safety officers advise that jewellery can be a major cause of injury to children.

What if I have a complaint?
If you have a problem with something and or wish to make a complaint, please contact the Principal in the first instance. Make an appointment to discuss the issue to see if it can be resolved. If you are still dissatisfied then put your complaint in writing to the Principal or to the Chair of Governors at the School. The Governing body have a Complaints Committee and will try to resolve the issue for you.

Is school uniform compulsory?
School uniform is compulsory. We do hope that you will try as far as is possible to comply with the school uniform. Purchases of sweatshirts and polo-neck shirts can be made at the office. Pupils should wear dark shoes or trainers and black trousers or skirts.