September 2015

September 2015 Parental Questionnaire

The Academy sent out questionnaires recently to find out parent’s opinions of the Academy and the impact on their child/young person’s access to education.  This is the second questionnaire since January 2015 and the arrival of the new Principal – Mr Eames.              

The questionnaire contained 24 questions and each question could be rated as;

Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree or Not Sure. 

In total 57 responses were received and these were analysed to find out the percentages of responses for each question and the percentage of responses as an average across all 24 questions. 

Main findings

Overall the following highlights represent some of the information found;

  • 92.29% of parents who responded Strongly Agreed or Agreed across all 24 questions.  This is an increase  of 0.46% since the questionnaire sent in January 2015
  • 97% of parents who responded Strongly Agreed or Agreed to the question ‘Overall I am happy with my child’s experience at this school’. 
  • 99% of parents who responded Strongly Agreed or Agreed to the question ‘The school keeps my child safe’. 
  • 95% of parents who responded Strongly Agreed or Agreed to the question ‘The school offers my child a good education’. 
  • 99% of parents who responded Strongly Agreed or Agreed to the question ‘The school provides specialist support to meet my child’s needs’. 
  • 100% of parents who responded Strongly Agreed or Agreed to the question ‘The school is approachable when parents/guardians have a query or a problem’.  

Please see the full breakdown using the following link

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Positive parental comments

  • My child has never been happy about going to school apart from the days he does sports.  I know that when he is at school that he’s happy....  I know that my child wouldn’t be the boy that he is now if it wasn’t for Cambridge Park, Thank you 
  • My child has become much more sociable during the last year.  With encouragement from all the staff involved, she is also becoming much more independent.  With a recent medical diagnosis, I feel reassured and confident for staff to deal with her needs and I know I would be informed immediately if there was any issues.  Very happy with all aspects.
  • Lovely school.  Lovely staff
  • My child loves going to this school.  He’s got lots of friends too.  The staff are fab with me and my child.  I know they are only a phone call away.
  • Very satisfied overall with the school and teachers and all staff.  My child has begun to really come on in all subjects.  Very grateful for all time given to support him.
  • I am very pleased that my daughter has come on leaps and bounds since attending this school.  She enjoys activities and is better at skills.  The teachers are very good with her.
  • Never seen my child so happy or keen to attend school before.  Thank you.
  • Since my child has moved to pink class he has come on leaps and bounds.  He is a lot happier, he even missed school in the holidays.  He has enjoyed talking about signs and houses.  He is more confident.  I would like to thank the teaching staff especially Mrs Howard for helping my son achieve his best, and for the confidence you have given him. Warm Regards.
  • Cambridge Park Academy has helped my child come on leaps and bounds.  Without this school and their staff’s strong work ethos, I feel my child wouldn’t have got the education and support he needed.
  • Our child has improved beyond our expectations, in all aspects.  She has become a mature and responsible young lady and her academic achievements have surpassed our hopes.  Our child enjoys coming to school now, which is an achievement in itself and something we never thought we’d see!
  • I think the school and all of its employees from teachers to lunch time staff do an absolutely fantastic job, and I couldn’t and wouldn’t wish for my child to be anywhere else.  Thank you for all your continuing hard work.
  • I’ve always been impressed with the approachable and open manner of the school staff, we’ve always maintained a respectful dialogue regarding my child’s education and interests.
  • My son is now in year 11and I know that transition is going to be difficult, but I am comforted to know that the school will help him achieve this.  Also if he hadn’t gone to this school when he did, he wouldn’t be the person he is today.  He transferred from mainstream in year 4 and within a year he was a different boy.  The approach to teaching and understanding his needs are excellent, all his teachers have been excellent informing me not just of the negatives but of the positives.  The teaching assistants are very approachable, well trained and understand his needs and what makes him tick.