Cambridge Park Academy - Physical Education & Physical Develeopment 

Physical Education

 At Cambridge Park Academy, Physical Education plays an integral part in school life. Our students have the opportunity to develop their physical capabilities in a wide range of sport, physical activities and specialist interventions. We have an extremely dedicated PE/PD team, who cater for the needs of all students at the Academy with a wide range of physical requirements and has guaranteed that all students’ physical needs are met promptly, accurately and expertly delivered by a knowledgeable and well trained staff.

 Within our department we offer a range of sports to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to participate in inter school events during the year. The PE department provide a broad and balanced curriculum which allows individual learners to achieve. We recognise that each learner is unique and ensure that individual talents are fostered within adapted PE lessons. We strive to give all learners the opportunities to celebrate success and are supported to reach their aspirations.  Student motivation is heightened by the many interschool matches and competitions, where we compete against both SEN and Mainstream schools; as well as providing interventions that allow the students to experience personal development, accomplishment, independence and life skills.

In our P.E lessons the younger students begin by participating in child-led Developmental Movement Play sessions, led by a trained practitioner, and then move on to lessons which include structured activities and free time to individually practice skills learned, in addition to this a number of students within the Academy require specialist physical development support from our in house PD team.


Physical Development

Development matters, and as a P.D department our aim is to ensure children have the best possible start in life, therefore we help them to be ready, able and eager to learn with the support of our specialist team and interventions.

 We understand development is not an automatic process as it depends on each individual child having the opportunities to interact in enabling environments; this is why we as an academy provide specialised interventions.

We also work with a range of external professionals to make sure that the correct physical programmes are in place and delivered by our department. Individual physical programmes are designed for students in addition to whole class PE lessons to meet all physical needs, which are served, by a variety of interventions both on and off site, these include:



A number of students have access to our Hydrotherapy interventions, which are held offsite three times a week, supported by a dedicated and well-trained team who oversee these sessions, plan student programmes and record progress. This intervention has many benefits for a range of paediatric conditions, which includes;

  • Relief from pain and swelling
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Improved circulation
  • Muscle strengthening, maintenance and restoration
  • Increase in range of motion of affected joints
  • Non weight bearing intervention




M- Is for Movement, which is the foundation for learning. Children need to move to be able to learn and explore their surroundings, to gain confidence and self-esteem and to develop cognitive, communication and social skills.

O- Is for Opportunity. We approach inclusion with the premise that all children can learn, provided they are given the opportunities to practice new skills. From this we can see that inclusion is not a placement exercise but a process, which enables children to be included in the activities in life, which they choose due to opportunities they are given.

VE- Is for Via Education. MOVE is not a therapy, nor is it a replacement for therapy. MOVE is an approach to learning, which incorporates both teaching and learning.


Sensory Diet

Students can be referred to the PD team for assessments on sensory processing difficulties, and fine and gross motor skills, to make sure the correct interventions are put in place




Motor Skill interventions

Having good motor control helps our students to explore the world around them and help them with their cognitive development. Students with physical conditions and development difficulties have access to this intervention which covers a whole range of motor skills.

  • Balance and Co-ordination: The ability to stay in control of your own body movements whilst you move two or more body parts.
  • Gross Motor Skills:  Movement related to large muscles such as legs, arms etc.
  • Fine Motor Skills:  Movement involving smaller muscle groups such as those in the hands and wrists.


ABC Testing (Movement Assessment Battery Assessment)

Within our Academy, we have trained specialist staff who carries out ABC testing on students in and out of our Academy.

Movement ABC is an assessment tool used to identify a delay or impairment in motor development in children. This assessment is a recognised standardised assessment used all over the world by trained practitioners.


Hydrotherapy Tub

Our innovative hydrotherapy tub is designed to target specific muscle groups giving our students the sensory input benefits to promote relaxation and calming techniques.

Rebound Therapy

What is Rebound Therapy?

Rebound Therapy is the use of a trampoline to provide opportunities for movement and therapeutic exercise for people with a wide range of special needs. It is suitable for people with a wide range of physical disabilities, learning difficulties and people on the autistic spectrum who may experience sensory processing difficulties. It is a highly motivating activity, which can be used to promote learning across the whole curriculum.

Rebound Therapy at Cambridge Park Academy

Here at Cambridge Park Academy we have a dedicated Rebound Therapy room. This is available to a range of students, with priority given to those with physical needs. Sessions are allocated according to each pupil’s specific needs and last from 15-30 minutes as appropriate. Each student has an individual development plan based on their E.H.C.P/Personal Learning Plan and observations are made regularly to ensure effective delivery and to record progress.

Our Staff

We currently have 32 staff trained to deliver Rebound Therapy throughout the Academy and 4 in house trainers, who run further training courses on a regular basis.

Our students

We currently have 22 students accessing rebound therapy. This includes students with physical difficulties, communication needs and those who have been recognised as needing input as part of a sensory diet.


Resources & Facilities

Ethos & Values

The Physical Education department strives to enhance the development of pupils at Cambridge Park Academy, we encourage students to express themselves both individually and collectively in a variety of sporting activities. We provide an environment where everyone is equally valued and feels a sense of belonging, encouraging our learners to develop personal independence and an ability to respect the rights and views of others.

 We promote the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle and explain the benefits of exercise on a regular basis during our adapted lessons. We aim to nurture our learners' confidence and self-esteem by building the skills that allow them to function effectively. 


Knowledge & Skills

Students are not only taught about physical development, but how to also develop inter-personal skills and their ability to work alongside others. Physical Education staff at Cambridge Park Academy strive to achieve the following:

  • To educate students through all 6 areas of the national curriculum.
  • To improve communication, teamwork and problem solving skills through working with others.
  • Improve students' knowledge of the rules of a range of sporting activities.
  • Develop students' understanding of the human body systems including key bones and muscles.
  • To understand the benefits of leading a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Encourage students to reach their potential by offering challenging targets and guidance in every lesson.
  • Enhance self-esteem by encouraging students to take additional responsibility in lessons for coaching and officiating their peers.
  • Use our excellent resources to stimulate student development by offering a range of activities.

The academy has developed sports leadership, working with students and encouraging them to gain experience in organizing games at break times and lunch times, working with pupils, leading activities and officiating games as part their role.

Leaders will be expected to perform at least one duty per week on either the primary or secondary playground. There will be several occasions throughout the year where our leaders will be required to help out with additional sporting events such as sports day, sport relief and class sports competitions.

Cambridge Park Academy is more than equipped to meet the curriculum area demands of Physical Education. The new state of the art Gym facility offers fitness equipment to students allowing them to understand the benefits of recreational exercise and independence.  The fitness suite is used on a regular basis in both curricular and extra-curricular time.

Other indoor facilities include an activity hall which allows activities such as aerobics, gymnastics and dance to be taught on the curriculum.

Pupils to be taught a range of activities on the multi-use games area, allowing students to experience all areas of the curriculum and to partake in competitive sport such as football, basketball bench-ball and hockey.

Swimming lessons

Our students from KS1, KS2 and our Specialist Base attend swimming lessons at Immingham Lincs Inspire Leisure Centre within the Academy year. During the swimming lessons our students are taught by a qualified swimming teacher, they are working towards their Alpha Step Awards and Duckling Awards.

The Alpha Step Awards have been designed to build the confidence of the children who may need additional support, providing small stepping stones for developing confidence. This program rewards the development of early stages of buoyancy, coordination, spatial awareness, breathing, entering and leaving the pool.

The Duckling Awards are designed to help children enjoy learning to swim with help and support, with this program your child can work towards four different colourful awards, each has its own certificate and badge. Across all badges the students will learn several skills including: moving across the water unaided, jumping in, floating and swimming up to five meters without support.

The Alpha Step and Duckling Awards are great at promoting increased independence and water confidence to help prepare for stage 1 of the learn to swim frame work.

Courses & Qualifications

Students follow the national curriculum in Physical Education. This involves covering a wide range of activities which includes football; rugby; tennis; gymnastics; dance; health related fitness; hockey; netball; bench-ball; rounder’s badminton, table tennis, basketball, athletics, cricket, softball, cheerleading and aerobics.

Primary Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2

We run nationally recognised certification schemes in gymnastics and swimming where pupils can achieve certificates and badges across Key Stages 2 – 4.

Key Stage 3

Students continue to follow the curriculum and cover the activities from lower secondary at a more advanced level with the aim of achieving the following:

Using a variety of tactics and strategies to overcome opponents in team and individual games.

Developing their technique and improve their performance in other competitive sports.

Taking part in activities in a range of environments which present intellectual and physical challenges and which encourage students to work in a team, building on trust and developing skills to solve problems, either individually or as a group.

Evaluating their performances compared to previous ones and demonstrating improvement across a range of physical activities to achieve their personal best.

Nationally recognised certification schemes in gymnastics and swimming where pupils can achieve certificates and badges across Key Stages 2 – 4.

Key Stage 4

Lower Secondary (CORE)

WJEC Heathy living and fitness

During the course pupils will be assessed on 4 units over two years, experiencing leisure time, sport within the community, individual activities and team competitive sports.  Pupils are expected to record and evaluate performance and show a good understanding of each unit.

AQA technical award in sport

Students will also be assessed in all practical activities they complete during their practical lessons. Students must be competent in three sporting activities, consisting of both team and individual activities. Team activities covered at the Academy include football, netball, rugby, hockey and handball. Individual activities include badminton, table tennis, dance, gymnastics and athletics.

The qualification culminates in Y11 where students will take both practical and written exams, in which the results will be combined to award an overall grade and qualification.

You should choose this subject if you are someone who regularly participates in Physical Education lessons and attends extra-curricular sports clubs. Those wishing to take the course should be a competent performer in at least one sporting activity. This course is ideal for students who are enthusiastic about physical activity and if you are interested in studying a vast array of sporting topics. If you are passionate, inspired and motivated by sport and Physical Education this course could be the first step onto a career pathway.



Learning Outside The Classroom

At Cambridge Park Academy, sport plays a pivotal part in Academy life and allows students to experience competitive sport in a fun environment. We continue to participate in sports competitions such as kurling, boccia, cricket, swimming, athletics and football.  These out of school competitions are provided by the school sports partnership allowing the Academy to partake in local competitions on a regular basis. As well as offering the traditional school sports such as football, athletics and netball the Academy offers regular morning and afternoon multi gym sessions in the all new fitness suite.

Our Key Stage 2 students have the opportunity to experience a series of swimming sessions at the local leisure centre. The sessions are led by a qualified swimming instructor, who progresses the students through the Swim England certification scheme. 

All students are encouraged to attend after-school clubs regardless of their ability or experience and it is an excellent opportunity to try new activities or to socialise with peers.

One of the highlights of the school sporting calendar is the primary and secondary school sports day. The day runs as an inter-class event where students represent their class with all competitors contributing to their overall class total. Students take part in a variety of different running jumping and throwing activities, the overall winning class from each key stage are awarded trophies to celebrate success.