In Key Stage 3, pupils make products using different skills. Textiles, Electronics and Resistant Materials. 

Last academic year, pupils looked at different topics and have designed and made products relating to these. Examples include a desk-tidy, a Viking-inspired clock and a pop-art cushion.

Pupils are currently working on 'electronics' and making a light-up map based on Lincolnshire. Pupils will cut a map from acrylic on the hegner saw, use 2D design to engrave place names onto it and use circuit components to add an LED light. 

We have recently become proud owners of 'Little Bits' circuit equipment. These components are magnetic and colour coded. Pupils have been experimenting with Little Bits to use different input and output devices to enable them to understand component functions and how a circuit works.

Later this academic year, pupils will create products related to Remembrance day and the Egyptians.


In Key Stage 4, pupils follow the WJEC Creative, Media and Performance Arts Entry Pathways: Entry level 2 in Design Technology. This is a 2 year course that is broken down into four modules: Health and Safety, Designing and Modelling, Making a Product and Planning.

Last academic year, pupils learned about 'Health and Safety' in the workshop and demonstrated their awareness of safe practise through making a key-ring or door hanger. They also completed 'Designing and Modelling' in which they developed an understanding of the importance of design and created a 'mock -up' of a desk-tidy to communicate their ideas for a final product.

Pupils are currently working on 'Making a product' in which they are realising their design to make a desk-tidy from wood or acrylic. Pupils will use machines such as the hegner saw, laser bed and pillar drill to make their final outcome.

Later this academic year, pupils in Key Stage 4 will take part in 'Planning' to develop an understanding of the manufacturing process.