Physical Interventions

The PE/PD department holds regular meetings on physical needs across school both in house and with external professionals, if required to assess pupil needs. Additional physical interventions are offered to pupils requiring them. The recent addition of new experienced and talented staff members to the PE/PD team has improved access to interventions and guaranteed that all pupils physical needs are met promptly, accurately and expertly delivered by a knowledgeable well trained team. Physical interventions include;


Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday a small group of pupils attend a hydrotherapy session at another local special school. Hydrotherapy encourages movement of muscles and joints in a warm and water based environment. Pupils with a range of physical disabilities benefit greatly from this intervention. A dedicated and well trained team oversee these sessions, plan pupil programmes and record progress.


A number of pupils across the school experience yoga as part of their curriculum depending on need. This is usually delivered in class bases by highly trained staff. Yoga provides the pupils with the opportunity to participate in small group expressive movement sessions.

Rebound Therapy

The school offers regular rebound therapy sessions to a number of pupils across the school with physical or sensory difficulties. Many staff across the school received expert training from the founder of rebound therapy. Using our purpose built rebound therapy room with sunken trampoline pupils perform a range of challenging exercises aimed at improving muscle tone, balance, communication and core stability. Pupils have made great progress and a dedicated timetable with expertly trained staff is in place for this activity. We also now have 6 staff trainer to the level of a trainer to provide all training in house to ensure all training needs are met.