Physical Education and Physical Development At The Cambridge Park Academy

PE and PD at Cambridge Park aims to be enhancing in terms of fitness, fun, self esteem and achievement. We have an extremely well skilled and dedicated PE/PD staff team and cater for the needs of all pupils in the academy with a range of physical requirements. We also work with a range of external professionals to make sure that the correct physical programmes are then delivered by our experienced PE/PD department. Individual physical programmes are designed for pupils in addition to whole class PE lessons to meet all physical needs which are served by a variety of interventions both on and off site. Our In House Physical Development (IHPD) team meets half termly to discuss and monitor all aspects of PD across the academy.

Pupil motivation is heightened by the many interschool matches and competitions which we participate in with both Special and Mainstream schools. This can lead to improved attendance, self esteem and behaviour. We offer a range of sports to ensure that all pupils wishing to are able to participate in an inter school event during the year. Every year we compete in local and regional disport events in swimming and athletics. We regularly hold games mornings and sports matches against other local special schools, PRU’s and mainstream schools.

The pupil PE kit was designed by the pupils in a competition and is very popular. The polo shirts are black with a fluorescent pink strip. Pupils are expected to bring their polo shirts, black shorts/black tracksuit, trainers/pumps and a towel to lessons. The Academy places great importance upon personal hygiene and encourages showering after physical sessions. Pupils with personal care needs have personal care plans and are well catered for at Cambridge Park.

We hold an annual sports day which allows an aspect of fun and dressing up as well as an element of competition but with a clear emphasis on inclusion and enjoyment. 

We run a PE point’s reward system rewarding punctuality, pupils bringing the correct kit and towel and behaviour in lessons. Pupils receive certificates for their PE points and the chance of winning a trophy at the annual Sports Award Ceremony. We run nationally recognised certification schemes in gymnastics and swimming where pupils can achieve certificates and badges across Key Stages 2 – 4.