In 2015 Cambridge Park reviewed all of the subjects taught at KS4. We made considerable changes, with the aim of:

  • Giving our learners more CHOICE about what they do, by introducing Option subjects.
  • Widening the choice of subjects by introducing new exam courses such as media, drama and music.
  • Giving a greater focus to the arts at KS4, since we feel that this is something our learners get great benefit from.
  • Making sure that our exam courses are in line with new Government's new 'Progress 8'  rules and provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all.
  • Creating 3 'pathways' through KS4 which give the right balance of academic subjects and life skills subjects to each group of learners.
  • Making sure that our qualifications are suitable for all of our learners and every student leaves us with qualifications that reflect their achievement at the highest possible level.
  • Working with other local educational providers to give our students clear progression into their post 16 learning, whether they decide to stay with us in our expanded 6th form provision or move on.
  • Making learning fun!

This simple chart shows the number of 45 minute lessons given to each of our tutor groups in KS4. The total number of lessons in the week is 30 for each group , but the proportion of subject time varies slightly. For example, Pathway 1 have more life skills lessons than other groups and this is because our recent curriculum audit recognised a need for that cohort

Here is a little information about each of the examination subjects available for 2016/17.

Below is a table showing the percentage of time that we devote to each subject in the curriculum at KS4.  It includes a comparison with our nearest neighbouring special school.