In Key Stage 1, pupils develop their technical knowledge and explore different materials and tools to make products.

This term, pupils have investigated building structures in relation to stories and  'Where I live'. Later this academic year pupils will: explore textures through the work of Claes Oldenburg in 'Food Glorious Food', make a vehicle with wheels and axels in 'Travel', experience basic circuits to make a sensory umbrella in 'Underwater' and create a food collage in 'Healthy Me'.


In Key Stage 2, pupils have the opportunity to explore materials, components and construction kits. They join and combine materials and apply finishing techniques to create a product.

Last academic year, pupils have made a split-pin superhero, a fantasy and adventure light-up picture, a rainforest wall-hanging and a dinosaur door-hanger/toy. 

This term, pupils have looked at the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser to create junk-model buildings. Later this year, pupils will: develop textiles techniques in 'Countries and Cultures', gain an understanding or electronics in 'Space', explore materials and properties in 'Keen to be Green', produce collage work in response to Katsushika Hokusai's 'The Great Wave' in 'Mountains and Rivers' and make an aboriginal dream catcher in 'Healthy Me'.