KS1 Art

In Key Stage 1, pupils are encouraged to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination  to produce a range of creative outcomes. Pupils are given the opportunity to look at the work of various artists and use a variety of materials, textures and media. 

This term, pupils in Key Stage 1 have experimented with different materials and textures in relation to stories such as the Three Little Pigs. Later this year pupils will: experience the artwork of Giuseppe Archimboldo in 'Food Glorious Food', explore mark-making in 'Travel', develop collage techniques in 'Global Gardens', create a sensory umbrella in 'Underwater' and produce a dream catcher in 'Healthy Me'.

KS2 Art

In Key Stage 2, pupils look at a range of topics which allow them to develop their art techniques, such as painting, drawing and sculpture, and create sketchbooks to record their observations and ideas. Pupils learn about great artists, craft makers and architects in history and contemporary society. 

Last academic year, pupils: created a superhero collage in response to the Pop-Art movement, took a line 'for a walk' to make a treasure island map, made a string- print piece inspired by Henri Rousseau, studied Van Gogh's sunflowers painting and created a silk-clay dinosaur in the style of Salvador Dalí's elephants.

This term, pupils in Key Stage 2 have gained an understanding of architecture through the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Later this academic year, pupils will: explore batik and African dot painting in 'Countries and Cultures', acquire painting and modelling techniques in 'Space', learn about artist Andy Goldsworthy in 'Keen to be Green', develop an understanding of colour theory in ' Mountains, Rivers and Coasts' and use graphics to create a poster in 'Healthy Me'.