Sparkling Start

The children visited Ghana in Yellow class where they looked at different necklaces and bracelets from Africa. The children experienced different pieces of jewellery from Africa to look at and named the types of materials, colours and patterns used. They then had the opportunity to make their own version using paper plates, crayons and sequins.

Yellow Class

As part of our English topic, we are studying The Tunnel.  To help us understand how Rose and Jack felt going through the tunnel, we each had a go trying different crawls through our tunnel in the playground. We tried going through crawling on our hands and knees, on our backs and on our front. Next we had a go travelling through the tunnel with our eyes closed! This helped us to understand how scary it was for Rose to go through the tunnel in the dark and how difficult it is not knowing where to put our hands.  We reflected on the differences between the two experiences and shared how we felt as a group.


In history, we have been learning about World War Two.  We learnt about how our heroes in France often needed to camouflage their cars from enemy bombers.  We discussed the materials that the soldiers would have used and then went on a hunt to find our own!  We found leaves, twigs and branches on our school field - we were careful not to hurt the environment by breaking twigs from trees.  We worked really well in teams and were very proud of our collections.   We then tried to camouflage our cars in secret locations - some of us used the bench for cover, some of us used trees and others of us used the bushes around the edge of the field.  After all the cars were camouflaged, we worked in our groups to find all the cars and photograph their camouflage.  



We have also been learning about soldiers in the war and what happened when they became injured. We had a go at being an injured solider on the stretcher or a fit soldier helping save them by carrying the stretcher.  We joined with Orange class for this activity and worked really well as a team. This was important as we all needed to lift the stretcher at the same time and make sure that everyone was safe.