Sparkling Start

Primary students enjoyed a camping experience on Mount Kilimanjaro, found in Tanzania, Africa. The students looked at the different items that were needed when camping. They experienced using the equipment. The students particularly enjoyed trying the sleeping bag, having a story in the tent and singing campfire songs!  It was a fun educational trip that they will remember! 

Red Class

We have been working really hard on our topic for the term which is World War 2. The focus for this topic has been Life on the home front. We have been learning about what life was like in Britain while the country was at war. We have looked at the life of evacuees and their experiences. We have also had the opportunities to look at objects and materials from the war in a World War 2 workshop!

Our Literacy focus has been developing our writing through using description. We have been learning the story of The Tunnel by Anthony Browne, whilst also reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We have made many comparisons between the stories!

We have been developing our knowledge of Place Value and solving calculations in Numeracy. We are using Numicon to support our learning and develop our understanding further. Numicon is a great visual resource which some students find invaluable when solving calculations.

Science has been really interesting! We have been learning all about the Human body. First we looked at Human body parts, followed by our vital organs. We’ve also been learning about the function of body parts, for example the brain, ear and eyes. Following this we looked at the structure of our skeletons and made comparisons with animal skeletons. We will then be looking at more animal skeletons, investigating the differences and the reasons for this.

In RE we have been learning about the Parables that Jesus told, stories that have a meaning behind them. These parables include the Good Samaritan, The Mustard Seed and The Lost Son.