Orange Class

This half term, Orange Class have been looking at WW2. Whilst studying this topic we have looked at Air Raids and The Blitz, life as a child during WW2, evacuees and rationing. Students have written about the differences between being a child in WW2 and now, said what they would take in their suitcase if they were an evacuee, looked at soldiers and tried on some of their equipment and made a parachute for a soldier in the parachute regiment which was tested during an outdoor learning session. Orange Class have also taken part in a WW2 workshop who visited the Academy.

In Maths, Orange Class take part in lots of Numicon based activities. This half term we have focussed mostly on Number looking at Place Value and Addition and Subtraction. Numicon is a good visual resource for students to use which helps embed number recognition and value.

In English, we have been studying the book The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. Students have taken part in role play activities, using the dress up box and practising lines to say in their performances, Talk 4 Writing activities, story mapping, using adjectives to describe characters and scenes of the story and learning how to write their own story. Orange Class have enjoyed the story and have made links to other stories such as The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

In Science, we have been looking at the Human Body and its functions. Students have spent time looking at bones and organs and how some bones protect organs. They have also been looking at senses and have matched the sense organ to the sense.