Blue Class - Classroom in the woods visit

Blue Class had a fabulous first experience at Classroom in the Woods. We read the 'Stick man' story, followed by an exploration of the woodland area to see what we could find. We came across a stream and a bridge - we had to be very careful and listen to our grown ups at this time to enable us to get to the other side. Once we stepped over the bridge we saw a horse, he was very big and liked it when we spoke to him and stroked him. We saw many things and we worked together as a team to learn about any of the objects that we came across.

At the end of our visit we went back to the base and made a decoration for our tree in Blue Class. It was an overall amazing experience and we cannot wait to go back! 

Blue Class

This half term we have been getting to know our new and exciting environment whilst exploring 'All about me.' We have been instigating our likes, dislikes and abilities alongside exploring our emotions. 

Some activities we have completed include drawing our faces and exploring facial features, leading on to discovering feelings and emotions. We have been practicing recognising our names and photographs in preparation for self-registration times. We have been learning all about the rules in Blue Class and this supports us to be able to understand the routine and discover ourselves. 

For Roald Dahl day we explored Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, we listened and danced to the songs, watched clips from the movie and made Chocolate cakes.

We also take part in Food Technology, Music and Physical Development lessons.  We have made lots of lovely and interesting items, some of these include; marshmallow squares, mint creams and chocolate fruit balls. In music we have been experimenting with the sound of a range of different musical instruments and dancing to our favourite songs and rhymes. In our Physical development sessions, we practice our fine and gross motor skills (small and large arm movements) by using a range of resources such as streamers, inset puzzles, pom poms and sensory balls.