6th Form

Cambridge Park Academy 6th Form Education. September 2015-July 2016

OCR Functional Literacy/Numeracy/ICT. (Entry Level 1,2,3 & Level 1,2.)

Functional Skills qualifications support the development of practical skills in English, maths and ICT, and are designed to help learners gain the most out of work, education and everyday life. There's a strong focus on explanation and problem-solving, with a choice of paper assessment or on-screen, on-demand assessment. 

Students will follow a three year plan to attain the highest qualification that they are capable of in these core subjects.  Some students will study in the 6th form college, other students who are attaining entry level 3 and above will access an external location to give them opportunities to; work with other students, independence, transfer skills, focus on learning and improve own skills. 

ASDAN Diploma in Life Skills (Entry Level 2 & 3)

· Candidates need at least 37 credits to achieve the Diploma in Life Skills.

· If less than 37 credits are achieved an award for the units completed will be awarded.

· Each unit is equivalent to 10 hours of work. 

· Units are in a three year plan to ensure students complete and achieve the Diploma.

· Students will take part in six vocational areas:  Catering, Horticulture, Hair design, Manufacturing, Furniture restoration, and Office skills. 

· Functional Literacy, Numeracy and ICT will be embedded throughout the vocational sessions.  


Transition to another service:

· Transition planning begins during year 12 of 6th form.

· Transition planning takes place as part of developing the students Education Health Care Plan.

· The transition team (which include the parents and student ) develop the plan yearly. 

· The team considers areas such as Education or Vocational training, Internship or Employment, Daily Life Skills or Direct payments. 

· Transition services need to be coordinated set of activities orientated towards producing results.

· Transition services need to be based on the students needs and must take into account his or her preferences. 


Cromwell Road 6th form had four students leave this year (2015/16).  

Two students will be attending Community Learning Services in September.  

One student who has spent a year in 6th form and is now ready to attend the Grimsby institute on a Motor Mechanic Course in the main College.  

The last student will attending Queens Park Hub in Lincoln, he has moved out of area and is being supported by Lincolnshire Council. 

All students were given support during the decision making, choices and visiting of the services.  One student was supported with a taster day and an interview with the college.