Mr T Collins - Chair of Governors

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. 

My name is Tony Collins. I am the Chair of Governors. I was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire and I studied at the JH Whitley School and the Percival Whitley College in Halifax. I apprenticed as a joiner and I have always worked at my trade and at this time I am a semi-retired Master Carpenter. 

I am a keen golfer and I am currently a member at Laceby Manor G.C. I am a senior grade martial arts student. My son attends Cambridge Park Academy and has done now for several years with his progress has been excellent and well paced. 

I am part of the Safeguarding Team and I have spent some time in school observing class dynamics and teaching strategies. I intend to be approachable, hands on, hard working governor, and I am proud to be part of the Cambridge Park Team.

I have always found the communication between the teachers and parents to be exceptional. All the staff members have worked very well with the changes we have implemented over the past year and are all pulling in the same direction towards a successful academy, and to provide cutting edge special needs education to all pupils accross the board.

We are currently working on a canoe within the school! This has been a joint project between the 6th form students and myself, we are very happy with how this has come along. The students have learned various working techniques including a strong work ethic along with working together in a work environment. We are hoping to have the maiden voyage this July! 

It is always a pleasure to come into the academy as I am always made to feel welcome by all the staff, it is always a pleasure to work with both staff and students and I look forward to many years of this to come.