Summer Holidays 2017

It was great, I went on my holidays to the Arc Animal Rescue Centre again. After a bumpy ride I finally arrived at the place where I had so much fun last year. I quickly made myself at home, and I found they have toys just like I do at school.

I jumped on top of my cage, showing off my new jumping skills. I couldn’t jump this high last year, I could only manage small bunny hops then. Hey Ho I must have grown since then.......... now it’s big bunny hops for me.

My old friends the chickens were still there, and they were still making lots of noise. Squawk, squawk, squawk all day long!!

There was a very nice lady at the Arc, she looked after me and stroked me every day. She gave me food, cleaned my cage and she trimmed my claws as they were getting long. 

There were lots of visitors at the Arc and it was this nice lady who had to tell them all..... I was not for sale. Can you believe it? People came and wanted to take me home I’m please she never sold me.

Soon it was the end of my summer holiday, after one last cuddle this nice lady gave me back to Mrs Harper. I was excited as Mrs Harper took me home and I met my pal Benji the dog.

Benji sniffed all around my cage as we said ‘hello’ to each other. Then he tried to open the door so we could play.

Before long...the door was open and hey Benji joined me in my cage and we played and played.




On Monday I returned home to Cambridge Park Academy. I am looking forward to seeing the children again, I have really missed them.