October Holiday 2017

I was taken home by Mrs Kaye for half term and I soon made myself at home.

Her Grandson helped to look after me and gave me lots of fuss.

I did not like her laminate flooring, it was far too slippery for me. Mrs Kaye came to my rescue, she got a large piece of carpet and placed it on the floor outside of my cage.

Then I was happy to hop out of my cage and go and explore, I liked the carpet so much I nibbled on it quite a lot!!

I was very well behaved I never nibbled on any wires and I didn’t nibble on any other carpets – only the one Mrs Kaye gave to me, she said it was my very own.

It was very nice at Mrs Kaye’s house, but a little too quiet for me and by the end of the week I was ready to return back to school to my classroom.

Thanks Mrs Kaye for making me feel so welcome and please say thank you to your Grandson for all the cuddles and strokes he gave me.