February Holiday 2017

Hi again. 

I have had such an adventure, I stayed with Miss Godfrey, her daughter Amy and her Grandchildren. Miss Godfrey took me home in a box in her car, and as I’m sure you are aware Miss Godfrey is keen on safety. Well, never has this happened before – Miss Godfrey put me on the front seat of her car, and she put the seat belt around me!! 

After arriving safely at my new home, I met Amy’s cat. 

Miss Godfrey was worried about the cat being nasty to me, as it has a bit of a reputation for not being very nice!

Well, hey ho – the cat couldn’t resist me, I looked at it with my big eyes and stroked my ears a couple of times. Before they knew it, we were best of friends, no need to have worried at all Miss Godfrey.



Amy’s daughter Elsie stroked me and played with me lots, and I liked looking at all of her toys.

I heard Elsie telling her Mummy one morning ....  ‘I can’t go shopping with you today Mummy, because if we all go out Scooby will be lonely’.

She also told her Mummy one night... ‘I can’t go to bed yet Mummy because Scooby just told me he needs me to play with him’. 

I think Elsie was being a little mischievous but I think Amy thought it was rather funny.

When it came time for me to return to school......Amy and Elsie seem to forget I had to go back!! Mrs Harper was marking me as absent in the register and as much as I had enjoyed my time with Miss Godfrey and her family, I wanted to go back to see the children at school.


Amy and Elsie admitted they did not want to see me go, they had enjoyed my time with them. Eventually they accepted I had to go back to school, after lots of strokes and cuddles from Elsie I was returned to 4Ha.  

Ahhhhh home again x