Easter 2017

Scooby’s Easter news

I went somewhere new this Easter, and the young girl Olivia who helped look after me has written a diary of my time with her. I hope you enjoy reading it.....


Olivia’s diary

Hello, my name is Olivia. 

Scooby came to stay with me, my mum, my dad, my brother Jacob and our dog Eric for the Easter holidays. 

It was really great to have a real life bunny with us for Easter.

When we got him home I made up his cage for him, but I put the whole bag of shavings in! When mum got home she had to take a lot of it out

Scooby loved exploring. I never knew that rabbits could climb stairs but Scooby did. He went upstairs and jumped on my bed. He also jumped on our sofa and sat on our printer.

Eric and Scooby weren't sure about each other for a start. Eric was very excited and wanted to play but Scooby was quite chilled out. They got used to each other quite quickly, they shared carrots and liked to sniff each other.

We took Scooby to the vets for his booster jabs. He was a bit naughty and it took mum a while to get him in the pet carrier. He wasn't happy, he stamped his feet.

At the vets he didn't want to come out so mum had to take the top off the carrier and the vet picked him up, the vet was very nice. 

Scooby was a very good boy. The vet weighed him and checked him all over, mum held him whilst he had his injection. 

We weren't sure when we went to the vet whether Scooby was a boy or a girl, but the vet showed us that he is a boy. 

Scooby was pleased to have a run about when we got home and enjoyed some carrot.

We loved having Scooby to stay, although we never realised how much looking after they need. 

We hope Scooby enjoyed staying with us. 

Thank you all for letting us look after him.