October Holiday 2016

Hi everyone, I have been out and about again... 

This half term I was collected from class by a rather hairy man called Mr Bawn. He put my cage into his car and took me home with him. Mr Bawn put my cage in his garage so I could hop out of my cage and wander around his garden.

In their garden I found some rather nice flowers in pots, I tried to eat them but Mr Bawn kept moving me on!

I looked around their wooden patio area, I tried to munch on the wood but again  Mr Bawn moved me on!

I nibbled on their garden hose, but it didn’t taste very nice, so before Mr Bawn could.........I moved myself on!

Mrs Bawn kept on stroking me and said I was a really nice bunny, I think she wanted to keep me, but I’m sure Class 4Ha would not let her do that!!

And after a week of in my temporary home I returned to school. It’s always good to come home after a holiday, I do enjoy seeing all the pupils.