Well what a busy Easter holiday I have had....

I was taken home by Mrs Black, she put me in my cage and gave me lots of nice things to eat.

Mrs Black put lots of hay in my cage, I had fun playing hide and seek and when I finished I ate the hay .... yum yum.

Mrs Black took me outside and I played in a lovely cage with a big run. I had fun running up and down, eating lots of grass and all the other treats Mrs Black kept giving me.

Mrs Black took me out for the day, she took me to see a person called a Vet. The vet stroked me, looked at my teeth, cut my nails, and gave me an injection to keep me healthy. I thought she was a very nice lady until she mentioned.......... I was overweight and had been eating too many treats!! The vet lady told Mrs Black I have to go on a diet....so no more treats for me.

Before long my Easter holiday had come to an end, and I had to hop back into my travel cage to come back to Cambridge Park Academy. I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends again.....why don’t you pop by 4Ha classroom to say hello.