Christmas 2016


Mrs Walton took me home at Christmas, her house was busy with lots of people and best of all children to play with. 

Mrs Walton has a cat called Misty and after she got used to the fact I was staying in her dinning room, we became friends.

I wasn’t too sure of the dog Mrs Walton’s daughter brought with her, when she stayed. However Misty and I decided we would keep out of its way, it was much bigger than us!

There was a lot of talk about someone called Santa and the children became very excited about him visiting. I’m not sure what all the fuss was about, I never saw him at all, and I never left the house. So when or if he came I really do not know.

Mrs Walton said I was naughty one day................ I still don’t understand!!

She put some lights on her Christmas tree and left the lead on the floor going to the plug. Well, like I always do, when I see a lead – I nibbled and nibbled until the lead had a hole in it. It’s what I always do with these leads, the telephone lead, the paper shredder lead, the vacuum cleaner lead, the heater lead, the ipad lead, oh did I mention the telephone leads.......... I’ve nibbled quite a few of them in the classroom. 

I know that’s why people leave them on the floor for me, so I can have a good nibble. So, why did she say I was naughty?


Mrs Walton took me to see the vet for a check up – he was a nice man, he weighed me on a machine and great news ..... he never complained about my weight!!

Looking forward to going back to school and seeing Class 4Ha again.