From Mrs Harper


Mr Coll, the Teacher from Blue class asked if he could borrow Scooby for a week. He was doing a topic on small animals and wanted the young children to learn how to look after a rabbit. I thought it was a great idea for Scooby visit and let the children see him.

However, one week went past, then two weeks and after three weeks the secondary children started to ask where Scooby was and when he would be returned? 

After four weeks my class were becoming quite cross, they decided to write a petition. 

Eagle class wrote the petition.... WE WANT OUR BUNNY BACK and they all signed their names. David took the petition down to blue class and gave it to Mr Coll.

To our surprise.....Scooby was not returned!! 

Instead Blue class sent us a ..........RANSOM NOTE!!!




In Blue class we have very much enjoyed having Scooby. He has been a little mischievous; he has eaten two pieces of work! We have made a nativity role play area to act out the story of the Nativity. When we came back from lunch Scooby was asleep in the manager! The next day Scooby went back to the role play area, he had eaten all of the hay in the manger, so there was none left for the baby to sleep on, he is very cheeky! When Mr Coll leaves the room, Scooby jumps on his chair and pretends to teach all of the children. We are really going to miss him. We cut up lots of vegetables and found his favourite is apples.

So that you can have Scooby back again, we need to find out if you know how to look after a rabbit. Here in Blue class we heard rabbits like to eat burgers and drink coca-cola. Can you teach us what they like to eat and how you look after him please? Also we demand you make us biscuits for us to eat...otherwise.......................You can’t have him back!!!              

From Blue Class


I read the ransom note to my class and we were all SHOCKED, how could they do this to us?


There was only one thing for us to do....We had to make biscuits!!

Mrs Dobson telephoned Blue class to ask if anyone had any allergies, as we didn’t want to make anyone poorly with our biscuits. To our surprise they replied........yes ………we have someone who cannot eat PORK!! As Mrs Dobson pointed out.......we are not making you a three course meal – it’s only biscuits!! 

Eagle class made some biscuits and we wrote a letter in reply....



Dear Blue Class

We know our rabbit does NOT eat burgers or drink coca-cola! We know he eats hay, carrots and dandelions and he drinks water. We know apples are a fruit and NOT a vegetable! Therefore we are more knowledgeable than your class.

If Scooby only ate two pieces of work....then you are very lucky, as in our class he has his own box of paper to eat daily (we don’t have to use a shredder!!). As for the fact he ate the hay in the manger......that’s what rabbits eat!!

We DID NOT like receiving demands for the return of OUR rabbit. We let you borrow him in good faith (we will have to think long and hard about any future requests).

However, we do want our rabbit back........


WHAT DO WE WANT? ............... SCOOBY

WHEN DO WE WANT HIM? ........... NOW



Please accept our homemade biscuits for your class, which we carefully made in Life Skills.  Please return Scooby by Monday 18th December 2017.

Thank you.  

From Eagle Class




Well despite our polite letter and our biscuits.....Blue class did not return Scooby!!

We had to take drastic measures.................when Blue class were out playing at play time, we went to Blue class. 

Then we kidnapped Scooby and returned him to his home in Eagle class. 

I’m not sure if we should let Mr Coll borrow Scooby again.