Cambridge Park Academy encourages all students to gain as much independence as possible in all aspects of their lives whether this is at home, at school or out in the community.

As a Special Academy, we place great importance on our MOVE (Movement Opportunities via Education) curriculum. We currently have 7 students accessing the MOVE programme, one of whom attends our Cromwell campus for post 16 education.

The MOVE programme enables children with physical impairments to improve their skills in independent sitting, standing, walking and transferring through functional goals. 

We currently have 7 Senior MOVE practitioners trained within our Academy. 

Cambridge Park has a specialist P.D support Teaching Assistant, Mrs Kelly Willett who oversees the delivery of the MOVE programme curriculum. 

Mrs Willett supports all classes, teachers and liaises with professionals in and out of the Academy to ensure each student is receiving the best possible care and support required for their individual needs and targets.  

The benefits of MOVE not only covers mobility and independence but they also support health, learning and education, social inclusion and family time.

We have already seen how MOVE has impacted on students learning and wellbeing and we will continue to develop the MOVE programme across our Academy. 

Physical Development Team:

K.Willett- Physical Development Lead T.A

Kelly Willet (1)