Cambridge Park Values


Cambridge Park Aims:

Our aims relate to promoting and achievement of our values and are divided between the identified values;

Community Aims

The Academy will;

  • develop positive social relationships which are at the heart of our thriving school community.
  • develop positive links with the local community and promote flexible approaches to learning and social opportunities.
  • develop a range of skills, empowering our learners to become active members of the community.

Achievement Aims

The Academy will;

  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum that allows individual learners to achieve.
  • recognise that each learner is unique and ensure that their individual talents are fostered.
  • ensure that all learners have opportunities to celebrate success, and are supported to reach their aspirations.

Respect Aims

The Academy will;

  • provide an environment where everyone is equally valued and feels a sense of belonging.
  • encourage our learners to develop personal independence and an ability to respect the rights and views of others.
  • support learners to communicate their feelings and needs, to make appropriate choices and develop positive behaviors. 

Enjoyment Aims

The Academy will;

  • engage our learners in fun, exciting, stimulating learning opportunities.
  • nurture our learners' confidence and self esteem by building the skills that allow them to function effectively in their community.
  • develop our learner's skills to make friends, form social relationships and engage in team work.