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School Meals

School Meals

We do provide the option for school meals and the costs and menu are below.


Dinner Money should be paid on a Monday Primary lunches are £1.85 a day £9.25 a week and Secondary lunches are £2.00 a day £10 a week. Please send it in a sealed envelope with your child's name on it. Please hand it to escorts who will give it directly to us to check. We are not responsible for lost dinner money. No child will be given a dinner without payment. Dinner money must come into school at least on the day a dinner is required. You can send in cheques to cover a few weeks at a time. You need to give at least one weeks notice when changing from paid to pack-up.

Give your children the chance to try our well balanced healthy menus.  All our meals are prepared on site using fresh meat,vegetables wherever possible.  There is a good choice every day including salads, baked potatoes & fruit, as well as traditional hot meals. 

There is no added salt, puddings are low in sugar and fat is kept to a minimum.
The children are only given a fried choice i.e. chips and roast potatoes twice a week.

At the counter food is displayed by being colour-coded to make it easier
for the children to choose.
Red - Main courses: meat, fish & salads
Blue - Carbohydrates: potatoes, bread, rice & pasta
Green - Vegetables: salad & coleslaw
Yellow - Puddings: biscuits, pudding & custard, yoghurt, fruit, cheese & biscuits.

Alternatively there is the white option of soup or sandwich if that would be the preferred choice for the day.
There is always fruit juice, water and milk.

We try to encourage the children to make a healthy choice. Menus rotate on a four weekly pattern.