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Meet The Governors

Mr A Collins - Chair of Governors

Mr A Collins - Chair of Governors 1

My name is Tony Collins. I am 53 years old and I am one of the parent governors and newly appointed Chair of Governors. I was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire and I studied at the JH Whitley School and the Percival Whitley College in Halifax. I apprenticed as a joiner and I have always worked at my trade and at this time I am a semi-retired Master Carpenter. I am a keen golfer and I am currently a member at Grimsby G.C. I am a senior grade martial arts student. My son attends Cambridge Park Academy and his progress has been excellent and well paced. I am part of the Safeguarding Team and I have spent some time in school observing class dynamics and teaching strategies. I intend to be approachable, hands on, hard working governor, and I am proud to be part of the Cambridge Park Team.

Mrs J Cowling - Vice Chair / Co-opted Governor

Mrs J Cowling - Vice Chair / Co-opted Governor  1
I am Jenny Cowling, a 43 year old mother of 2 daughters. I have worked within the field of disability and vulnerable adults, particularly withing supported housing for the last 20 years. My main area of work is around business development, quality assurance, performance monitoring and supporting managers to develop their services. Now my children are older, I was keen to offer the skills I have learnt through work to help other organisations. The governors role seemed perfect for the opportunity and I was very keen to work at Cambridge Park which is making a real positive difference not just to children's education but their emotional and personal lives too. I am a yogi, attending regular yoga classes and have recently developed a passion for paddle boarding. You can regularly find me on the seafront when the tide is in on my paddleboard!

Mrs N Chappel - Parent Governor

Mrs N Chappel - Parent Governor 1

My name is Nicola Chappel and I live in Waltham with my husband, three stepchildren (two of whom are currently at University) and our twin boys; the youngest of whom has a diagnosis of Autism and attends Cambridge Park Academy. 

I work part-time as a Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator (SENDCO) at a local primary school but when I do get time to myself I enjoy Pilates and reading.

I wanted to become a governor at Cambridge Park Academy because of our son, Oliver.  Oliver joined the academy in 2013 and since then we feel he has made fantastic progress which has a positive impact not only on him but on our family life too.  All the staff provide such wonderful care and support for Oliver and us, so I wanted to contribute and try to give something back to the Academy.

Miss A Hardy - Parent Governor

Miss A Hardy - Parent Governor 1

Ms C Klug - Staff Governor

Ms C Klug - Staff Governor 1

I have worked at the academy since 2003 and I am currently based at the Laurus, a specialist provision for upper school children with ASD/Asbergers. I have previously worked in a variety of departments within the academy so have a good working knowledge of all aspects of the wide range of children and their needs. I feel that I would make a valuable contribution as a member of the governing body, being able to draw on my experiences and contribute to the children's education and well-being. Taking into account the academy's vision and mission statements, this exciting opportunity would enable me to work collaboratively with like minded people. 

Mr R Leggett - Co-opted Governor

Mr R Leggett - Co-opted Governor 1
I am a program leader for Business Teaching at a local FE college, my career has changed over the years with roles in administration, HR and teaching. I have also spent two six month summers working in the USA on a management training program. I am a member of the Charted Institute of Management and currently undertaking an MBA. My hobbies include reading, going out with friends and watching films. I also love to visit the USA specifically Boston whenever I get the chance. I chose to be a governor of CPA because I want to make a difference to the lives of our students and make sure they get the best education and opportunities they deserve.

Miss V McGuire - Staff Governor

Miss V McGuire - Staff Governor 1
I have been employed at the academy for nearly 10 years. Two years ago I qualified as a teacher and became the teacher in Purple Class. Since being employed in Purple Class I have taken great pride in developing a strong team ethos with the children being the most important part of our growth and development. Most recently I was able to make a contribution to the development of the new classroom and I enjoyed being part of a working party for the transformation of the primary playground. My understanding of becoming a school governor is that it gives me the opportunity to help develop the academy and make a positive contribution to the children's education. I believe I have the drive and ambition to represent the staff at the academy and use my experience to positively contribute to the exciting future of the academy.

Mr J Stead

Mr J Stead 1